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So much to say, so little time... but the short intros below offer a good start

Janelle Montgomery

Janelle (she/her) has worked within healthcare for 30 years and technology for 25. After working as the Head of Technology for a London-based education company, she established our elearning company here in sunny St Petersburg, Florida.

She has a degree in journalism and has tinkered with computers since receiving a Commodore 64 for her 11th birthday from her father. 

She is passionate about education (and all things social justice related), creative, and reliable (a trait we've learned to rely on). Regardless of the project, Janelle adds a positive approach and a dash of humor. She will also ensure your job gets done.

Adele & Patches Inspirationalists

Adele and Patches came to us as temps, but moved to perms due to their commitment to the office (couch).


Although often "busy" digging new holes and shaking their hair, they remind us to stop and sniff the flowers or just nap - the world will continue to turn.

Both are winners in their own right and aspire to little more these days than a quiet nap and a sneaky treat. Don't we all!

The Collective

Any company is only as good as its team. Ours includes a well-loved team of designers, developers, writers, testers, translators, voiceover artists, actors, photographers, video editors, etc.  

Jewel (RIP)
The Original Muse

Formally a professional athlete, Jewel spent her time providing relaxation services to help de-stress and motivate the team. We all look to her for inspiration in achieving a zen-like meditative state.

Jewel was also our muse for writing and an inspiration for a dog museum that we'd love to launch.  We all have background dreams right?  Jewel's dream was to get off the track and stop running in circles.  Achieved. 

Apr 2003 - Apr 2017

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