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The Collective

Many merry men and women contribute fine work - this includes designers, developers, writers, testers, photographers, video editors, etc.  One or more may be called upon to render services.  


So much to say, so little time... but the short intros below offer a good start

Janelle Montgomery
Owner, Consultant
Jewel (RIP)
Muse and Therapist

Formally a professional athlete, Jewel spent her time providing relaxation services to help de-stress and motivate the team. We all look to her for inspiration in achieving a zen-like meditative state.

Jewel was also our muse for writing and an inspiration for a dog museum that we'd love to launch.  We all have background dreams right?  Jewel's dream was to get off the track and stop running in circles.  Achieved. 

Apr 2003 - Apr 2017

For more than 20 years, I've worked within technology - most recently as the Head of Technology for an online education company based in London.

I've a degree in journalism, but have tinkered with computers since my dad gave me a Commodore 64 when I turned 11. 


I'm bright, creative, and reliable, which I've learned is not a trait to be sniffed at. Regardless of what we work on, I'll bring a positive approach so we have fun while we successfully complete your project.  I get things done.